The Han Co., Ltd. Oriens Hotel & Residences (hereinafter reffered to as the Company) values your personal information, and abides by tie Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Data
Protection. Through the Privacy Policy, The Company notifies you of why and how your personal information is used, and what measures are taken for your privacy protection. If the Privacy Policy is to be revised, the Company
will make an announcement on the Notice section on the website(or make an individual notification)

Details of Collected Personal Information
The Company is collecting the following personal information for membership, consultation and service application.
- Collected Items: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Login ID, Password, Home Phone No., Home Address, Mobile Phone No., Email, Marital Status, Anniversary
- Method of Personal Information Collection: Homepage (joining membership)

Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
The Company will use the information collected for the following purposes.
- Membership Management
Verification of member according to membership service use, personal identification, prevention of abuse and unauthorized use by undesirable members, verification of membership intention, verification of age, customer service
such as processing complaints 
- Marketing and Advertisement
Development and specialization of new services (products), delivery of promotional materials such as events, statistics of access frequency or member's service use

Term of Possession and Use of Personal Information
The Company promptly destroys the relevant information without exception after fulfilling the purpose of collection and use of personal information.

Procedure and Method for Personal Information Destruction
By policy, the Company promptly destroys the relevant information after fulfilling the purpose of collection and use of personal information. The procedure and method are as follows.
- Destruction Procedure
Information you have entered to join the membership scheme is transferred to a separate DB (separate filing cabinet if on paper) after the fulfillment of purpose. It is destroyed after being stored for a certain amount of time
according to internal policy and other related legislations on information protection (refer to Term of Possession and Use). Personal information that is transferred to a separate DB is not used for purposes other than storage unless
required by law.
- Destruction Method
Personal information saved in the form of an electronic file is deleted using a technical method that prevents records from being regenerated.

Provision of Personal Information
By policy, the Company does not provide personal information to third parties, with the exception of the following cases.
- When the prior consent of users is obtained
- When required by the law or demanded by an investigative agency according to the procedures and methods prescribed by legislation with regard to investigations 

Consignment of Collected Personal Information
The Company will not entrust your information to an external agency without your consent. If required, the Company will notify you of the relevant party and details of consignment, and receive prior consent when necessary.

Exercise of User and Legal Representative Rights
Users can look up or modify the registered personal information at all times, and may request membership cancellation. Users can check or modify personal information in 'Modify Personal Information' (or 'Change Member
Information'), or apply for membership cancellation (withdrawal of agreement) after the identification process via mail, by phone, or in writing.
You may also contact the Personal Information Manager in writing, by phone or via email, and we will respond to you immediately.
If you request correction of errors in your personal information, the Company does not use or provide the relevant information until the correction is complete.
The Company processes the personal information withdrawn or deleted by the user's request according to the 쏷erm of Possession and Use of Personal Information Collected by the Company" so that it cannot be used for
other purposes.

Installation, Operation and Refusal of Automatic Personal Information Collection System
The Company operates 'cookies' that save and find your information frequently. Cookies are extremely small text files sent to your browser by the server used in operating the Company website, and they are saved to your 
computer hard disk. The Company uses cookies for the following purposes.
- Purpose of Using Cookies
The Company provides target marketing and customized services for individuals by analyzing access frequency or visiting time of members and non-members in order to learn about the tastes and interests of users, trace footsteps,
investigate the status of participation in various events and no. of visits.
You have an option regarding cookie installation. Therefore, you can allow all cookies by setting the option on your web browser, be notified every time cookies are being saved, or refuse to save all cookies.
- How to Refuse Cookies
Example: To refuse cookies, select the option on your web browser to allow all cookies, e notified every time cookies are being saved, or refuse to save all cookies.
Setting Example (Internet Explorer): Tool (at the top of web browser) > Internet Option > Personal Information
Please note that there may be difficulties in providing services if you refuse to install cookies.

Customer Service in Personal Information
To protect your personal information and deal with complaints regarding personal information, the Company has established the following department and appointed the Personal Information Manager.
Customer Service Department: Management Department, PR Team
- Tel : +82-2-2280-8000
- Email :
Personal Information Manager: Yoon-hee Suh
- Tel : +82-2-2280-8000
- Email :
You can report complaints related to personal information that have occurred when using our company's services to the personal information manager or relevant department. 
We will provide prompt and adequate responses to your reports. 

If you need to make any further reports or require consultations regarding infringements of personal information, please contact the following institutions.
- Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee (
- Information Protection Mark Committee (
- Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office, Cyber Crime Investigation Center (
- National Police Agency, Cyber Terror Response Center (


Chapter 1 General Provisions
Article 1 (Objective) 
The objective of this Agreement is to stipulate the basic points regarding the conditions and procedures in using Oriens Hotel & Residences online services (hereinafter referred to as 쐓ervices) provided by The Han Co. Ltd.
(hereinafter referred to as the 쏞ompany).
Article 2 (Efficacy and Change of Agreement)
몺 This Agreement will have effect when posted and announced on the services menu and/or announced by the Company.
몼 The Company may change the contents of this Agreement, and shall announce the current Agreement along with the relevant date and reason for revision on the initial page from 7 days before the effective date applied to 
the day before the date. In circumstances where a change in the contents of the Agreement may adversely affect users, the Company shall make the announcement at least 30 days before the change. In this case, the contents 
before and after revision must be clearly compared and marked for users.
몾 Membership service users can discontinue service use and cancel the user contract if they are in disagreement with the revised Agreement. Continuous service use after the effectuation of the Agreement indicates the 
user has agreed to the changes.
Article 3 (Other Regulations) 
If matters not mentioned in this Agreement are stipulated in the Telecommunications Basic Act, Telecommunications Business Act and other related legislations, they may be applied according to the regulations thereof.
Article 4 (Definition of Terms) 
This Agreement uses the following definition of terms.
몺 Member: An individual who entered into a user contract with the Company or received user ID to receive services.
몼 ID: A combination of letters and numbers chosen by the member and approved by the Company for member identification and service use.
몾 Password: A combination of letters and numbers chosen by the member to confirm that the member matches the given ID and to protect the member셲 privacy.
몿 Termination: A declaration of intention to end the user contract, by the Company or member, after services have started.

Chapter 2 User Contract of Services
Article 5 (Establishment of User Contract)
User contract is valid upon the Company셲 approval of the user agreement application submitted by the prospective user for the services.
Article 6 (Point of Establishment) 
Membership approval is valid from the point when the customer receives the membership approval email from the manager after filling out and sending a membership application. The manager sends a notice along with the
membership approval email.
Article 7 (Application) 
몺 To use the services, customers must fill out all user information requested in the Company셲 prescribed application form.
몼 Only adults of age 19 and above can join.
몾 All user information entered in the application form must be actual data. Users who did not enter a real name or actual information cannot be given legal protections and may receive limited services.
Article 8 (Approval of Application)
몺 The Company approves the application for service use by applicants according to Article 6 with the exception of Item 2 and Item 3.
몼 The Company may withhold approval in the following cases until relevant issues are resolved. 
A. When there is insufficient capacity with regard to service-related facilities
B. When there is a technical obstacle
C. When perceived necessary by the Company
몾 The Company may reject approval in the following cases. 
A. When the applicant uses another person셲 name
B. When applicant makes a false entry with regard to the user information
C. When the applicant is regarded as someone who might disturb the public peace or offend public morals
D. When the applicant fails to meet the Company셲 prescribed application requirements or violates the Company셲 regulations
Article 9 (Modification of User Information)
If the user information entered in the application needs to be changed, the member must modify the relevant information online. The user is responsible for all problems caused by not modifying the information.

Chapter 3 Obligations of Contracting Parties
Article 10 (Obligations of the Company)
몺 The Company may not disclose or distribute personal information about an approved member to others without the member셲 prior consent, with the following cases being exceptions. 
A. When demanded by a national institution as regulated by a law such as the Telecommunications Basic Act
B. When the member is the subject of a criminal investigation or there is a request by the Korea Internet Safety Commission
C. When a request has been submitted according to the procedures stipulated by other relevant acts and subordinate statutes
몼 Within the range of Item 1, the Company can create and use statistics for business purposes by using in full or in part the personal information of the member, and can send the member셲 computer cookies through the services.
In this case, the member can reject reception of the cookies or change the setting of the computer browser to warn about the reception of cookies.
Article 11 (Obligations of the Member) 
몺 Members must not conduct the following actions when using the services. 
A. Misuse the ID of other members
B. Copy, duplicate, change, translate, publish, broadcast or provide for others the information obtained from the services for purposes other than the member셲 own use without the Company셲 prior consent
C. Violate copyright or other rights of the Company or others
D. Distribute information, sentences, and figures that violate public order and public morals
E. Attempt criminal acts or other acts that are objectively judged to be in connection with criminal acts
F. Other actions contrary to the relevant Act and subordinate statutes 
몾 Members must obey the relevant Act and subordinate statutes, regulations in this Agreement, service use information and other instructions.
몿 Members must obey the limitations of use announced separately or posted on the Service Notice section by the Company.
뫀 Members may not conduct activities in pursuit of profit using the services without the Company셲 prior approval.

Chapter 4 Provided Services and Use
Article 12 (Obligations of Members Regarding ID and Password Management)
Members are responsible for managing ID and password. Members are fully responsible for all consequences stemming from improper management and unjustifiable use of given ID and password. In the case of unjustifiable use of
ID or other security violations, the member must notify the Company.
Article 13 (Additional Collection of Member Information) 
The Company may request additional member information for customer service or internal use purposes.
Article 14 (Provided Services)
The Company may provide members with information about various points necessary for members using services via email or letter. If members do not wish to receive such information, they may apply for refusal of information on
the VOC (voice of customers) or via email (
Article 15 (Service Use after Membership Approval) 
Service Use of Members
몺 Members can participate preferentially in various events (cooking classes, kimchi classes, prize lottery, all coupons related to discounts, etc.) provided by the Company.
몼 Members can receive discount benefits on various products provided by The Han Shopping managed by the Company.
몾 Members can download or use various charged and free information provided by the Company or the reference room of the Company website.
Article 16 (Transaction with Advertiser)
The Company is not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from the participation, communication or transaction of members in the promotional activities of advertisers announced in the services or through the services.
Article 17 (Responsibility of Service Use)
Members may not use the services to conduct sales activities to sell illegal products and, in particular, cannot carry out hacking, commercial advertising, commercial activities through pornographic sites, or the illegal distribution of
commercial S/W. The Company is not responsible for outcomes and losses related to such sales activities or for legal measures such as imprisonment that may result from such activities.
Article 18 (Service Limitation and Discontinuity) 
The Company may discontinue or limit all or part of the services at times of national emergencies such as wars, serious incidents or natural disasters, or for other unavoidable reasons such as the discontinuity of telecommunication
services by key telecommunications service providers according to the Telecommunications Business Act. The Company must notify the members immediately regarding the reason and duration period when limiting or 
discontinuing the use of services according to the regulations in Item 1.

Chapter 5 Others
Article 19 (Contract Cancellation and Limitation of Use) 
몺 If a member wishes to cancel the user contract, the relevant member must apply for cancellation to the Company.
몼 If the member conducted the following actions, the Company may cancel the user contract without prior notification or may limit or discontinue service use for a certain time. 
A. Stealing the service ID or password of others
B. Disturbing the stable operation of services
C. Intentionally distributing contents that violate public order and public morals
D. Planning or implementing service use with the intention of harming the national interest or creating social unrest
E. Posting, publishing, and sending via email or other means of communication contents that violate the intellectual property rights of others or defame or harm others
F. Constantly sending pornographic, vulgar and threatening contents or advertisements and emails against the recipient셲 will
G. Distributing computer virus programs that destroy information or lead to malfunctioning of ICT facilities
H. Violating the intellectual property rights of the Company, other members or others
I. When there is requirement for correction by external institutions such as Korea Internet Safety Commission, or there is a legitimate complaint by the National Election Commission related to illegal campaigning
J. Using personal information, user ID and password of others illegally
K. Copying, distributing or commercially using information obtained from the Company셲 services without the Company셲 prior approval
L. Violating the Telecommunications Business Act and other relevant regulations
M. Refusing to modify member information that has been changed or renewed
N. Violating the Company셲 prescribed user terms and relevant Act and subordinate statutes as well as this Agreement
Article 20 (Compensation for Damage)
The Company is not responsible for any damages that members incur in relation to the use of free services.
Article 21 (Escape Clause)
몺 The Company is exempted from the responsibility to provide services when it is impossible to do so due to natural disasters or other equivalent unavoidable events.
몼 The Company is exempted from responsibility when the error in service use is caused by the member.
몾 The Company is exempted from responsibility for damages incurred by the selective use of service materials or for not receiving anticipated benefits.
몿 The Company is exempted from responsibility with regard to the accuracy and reliability of information, data and facts posted by the member. The member is fully responsible for all disadvantages related to selective use of
materials and service use regarding posted or transmitted data, and must use the services fully under his or her own responsibility.
뫀 The Company is exempted from responsibility with regard to transactions using services between members or between members and a third party, and is also exempted from the responsibility with regard to benefits anticipated
by the member in relation to service use.
뫁 Members are fully responsible for any damages resulting from negligence in managing and using member ID and password, as well as unjustifiable use by a third party.
Article 22 (Competent Court)
If a suit is filed in relation to any conflict that may arise in relation to the Agreement, Seoul Central District Court of the Civil Procedure Code will have exclusive jurisdiction.



We do not permit the unauthorized collection of e-mail addresses. 
We do not permit the unauthorized collection of e-mail addresses used on this website such as through a program or other technical devices collecting e-mails. Violation of the above is punishable under the IT Network Act. 
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